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The framed street option is a wonderful way to create a scene with several buildings, evoking a feeling from a particular place you love.



The artwork is 20cm x 25cm with a black wooden frame surround, making the overall frame size at

23cm x 28cm - roughly A4 size. Within this frame size I can fit up to 4 or 5 standard houses. Larger frames can be sourced for more houses or a larger scene, simply email me or fill in the comments section in the quote form and I will get back to you with available options and prices.

The artwork is built into the box frame, which has a depth of 2.8cm leaving room for layers of paper details and slightly protruding elements, like you can see in the images above. I call this my ‘semi-3D’ approach; it is not completely 3D like the house models you can see on my site, rather I use layers of paper to build up details, shadow and textures, creating depth and almost a trick of 3D.

As with all my artwork, this can be made in either all white paper or in colour. I often like to work with a slightly limited palette if in colour, whereby I take the main colours and keep to just these few, adding plenty of white where I can to keep the things fresh and bright. I can of course adapt to specific colour requirements.

I prefer to source my paper from local stores in Amsterdam that I can cycle to, which cuts out delivery emissions as well as supporting smaller businesses. If you would like a specific paper or effect, however, I can look into sourcing this online but it may add a slight additional charge.

For this quote I will ideally need full front photographs of each of the buildings you would like depicted, as well as an overall view of the street, along with close up photographs of any details to take note of.

If it isn't possible to get photographs, this might not be a problem if you are able to share a Google Maps location where there are enough images on Street View or similar.

Any other questions or requests please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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