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Lots of places are important to us for different reasons, not just our homes. I would love to hear your idea for a new creation!



A wedding venue? An iconic city landmark? Your favourite restaurant? My custom made paper creations make truly unique and meaningful gifts and since I make every commission from scratch, starting with our conversation, then anything could be possible.

Equally fun is creating something just because it’s lovely and brightens a room with art. Like a windmill, a bridge or even a hot air balloon!

These custom projects can be framed pieces or model lanterns, simply contact me or fill in the comments section on the quote form.

I look forward to hearing from you!


As with all my artwork, this can be made in either all white paper or in colour. I often like to work with a slightly limited palette if in colour, whereby I take the main colours and keep to just these few, adding plenty of white where I can to keep the things fresh and bright. I can of course adapt to specific colour requirements.

I prefer to source my paper from local stores in Amsterdam that I can cycle to, which cuts out delivery emissions as well as supporting smaller businesses. If you would like a specific paper or effect, however, I can look into sourcing this online but it may add a slight additional charge.

When working from a real subject, good photographs of this are how I can get my recreation as accurate as possible. If photographs aren’t possible then a Google Maps reference is also helpful, if it provides some images on Street View or similar.

However, I am also open to ideas that don’t involve a real subject - simply let me know your thoughts via my contact form and we can go from there. 


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